The Pajama Men create fast paced character driven comedy made up of strange story lines and jokes.

The Pajama Men, known to their mothers as Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen, met in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1993. That was a long time ago and now they’re old, and tired, and hot, and young and rad. They cut their teeth doing improv and sketch in a storefront theatre that was part of a strip mall that was no stranger to crack addicts and junkies. Then, when they were still little baby comedians, they put together a show and started touring fringe festivals in Canada. It was perfect for them ’cause it was open submissions and anyone could just pack up and do it. THEY DID THIS FOR F**KING YEARS and won armloads of awards that meant nothing to anyone except for them. They made lots of great friends, wrote many different shows, and learned how to survive on the road. It’s amazing what a jig-saw puzzle and a glass of red wine can do for morale.

Then, in 2004 they went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, lost $17,000.00 (its an expensive festival!), received a Perrier Best New Comer nomination and got picked up by The Second City. They spent the next winter in Toronto, writing a new show, drinking coffee, and eating burritos. In 2005 they went back to Edinburgh and won an award for best double act. After that the two moved to Chicago and got to perform at the Steppenwolf Theatre. This was a huge opportunity for them and it made them look like stuck up assholes to most of their contemporaries.

For the next two years they did more touring in Canada. Moved back to Albuquerque. Tried to sell a TV show and failed. Did more touring. Tried to sell another TV show and failed. Then decided to go back to the UK.

In 2008 the boys went back to Edinburgh and had what can only be described as “quite a successful run” that won them a season at the Soho Theatre in London (a bit of a dream come true) and also an open arms welcoming to the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals. THEN the guys won the freakin’ Barry Award in Melbourne and a couple awesome awards in Sydney. Holy shit! Where has Austraila been all these years?

In 2009 Shenoah and Mark returned, to Edinburgh again where they debuted “The Last Stand to Reason.” It’s very intimidating, debuting a new show at the Edinburgh Fringe, but it turned out pretty well in the end and in 2010 the Pajama Men smashed all previous box office records at London’s Soho theatre, sold out a season at the Sydney Opera House, earned the title “Double Act of the Year” in The London Times, screened a short film at Sundance and signed development deals with radio, TV, and film people!

The guys are currently touring their new show “In The Middle of No One” to a town near you!

What will happen next? Who knows? Most people have no idea who The Pajama Men are!

That man on stage that’s playing the music and singing is none other than Kevin Hume. Check out his site and learn more about his magical ways! And Luminous Craft toured with us for a year as well. Buy their albums!

The Pajama Men are extremely grateful to q-staff theatre, for giving us a home to create and debut most of our shows; Mike Blaha and Fringe Management for taking us to Edinburgh 4 effin’ times; Steve Lock and The Soho Theatre for giving us our start in London; Kelly Leonard and Beth Kligerman at Second City for being the first people in the industry to take a chance on us, Tricklock Company for growin’ up with us and all that, Jorge Menidis, Susan Provan, all of our agents, managers and promoters, Trudi Stevens, Sam Kinken, Kenton Allen, Paul King, Jeff Drew, Ross Kelly, our families, and of course, you.